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Common sense conservative candidate.

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Fiscal Policy - Conservative Candidate

Fiscal Policy

As a conservative candidate, Al Phillips takes a strong position on lower state taxes for Maryland residents. He believes that more stable fiscal policy should be enacted for the future.

Social Issues - Conservative Candidate

Social Issues

Al Phillips, candidate for the office of Maryland State Delegate, believes that every amendment to the US Constitution should be upheld, in the vision of our founding fathers. All speech, including religious speech, should be respected.  He also believes that the federal, state, and local governments should cooperate in enforcing America's immigration laws. .

Proudly Serving
Parts of Gaithersburg, Germantown, Washington Grove,  Clarksburg, and Damascus; and all of Montgomery Village.

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Who I Am

Al Phillips is currently running for the office of Maryland State Delegate, and is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He is a man with common-sense practical values who promotes tax cuts, a sound fiscal policy, adherence to the US Constitution (all Amendments), secure borders, traditional values, and other logical issues that will ensure better regulatory and economic policies in Maryland.

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